Del Norte Chapter, NSDAR

Crescent City, California

Chapter History

The Del Norte Chapter, NSDAR,  was organized on April 25, 2009, with 16 members. This chapter was named to honor the county where it resides. The county and chapter’s name is Del Norte, meaning in Spanish “The North.”  The county name was presented into the California State Legislature as Del Norte with a silent “e.” This makes the pronunciation of the name Del Norte as unique as the chapter that honors it.

The Del Norte Chapter prides itself on its undying devotion to preserving American history, securing America’s future through education, and promoting patriotism. We are active in many avenues; informational public service announcements, proclamations, fundraisers, scholarships, and veteran programs. Please check out our activity page. If you are interested in joining the unique fellowship of our chapter, while making a difference in your community, state, and country, please contact us.

Our first year as a chapter! Since our humble beginnings, we have grown and have several prospective new members in various stages of their applications.  Photo courtesy of Wendy Malone.

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