Del Norte Chapter NSDAR

Crescent City, California

Our Patriot Ancestors

All of our patriot ancestors have fascinating stories and backgrounds. Part of being a Daughter is the adventure of researching an ancestor. If you think you may have an ancestor that served as part of the American Revolution, and you're interested in becoming a DAR member, we'd love to hear from you. If you are interested in becoming a member we will gladly assist you with your research and get you started on a journey through history.




Benjamin Benson, Pvt, SC

Prue Benson, PS, VA

William Brown, PS, NC

Jeremiah Burlingame, Sgt, RI

Benjamin Cressy, Pvt, NH

Isaiah Davis, Capt, PA

John Dugger, Pvt, VA

Nicholas Fisher, PS, NC

Mason Foley, NC

Ebenezer Foote, CT

Philip Fox, Pvt, PA

Bartlee Greenwood, Pvt, VA

Jacob Heiny, Pvt, PA

Benjamin Howson, Sol, VA

Barzillai King Sr., Pvt, NY

Nathaniel King, Pvt, NY

John Michael Lambert, Pvt

Nicholas Mattern, PS, PA

William May, VA

Matthias Pearson, Pvt, NJ

James Range, Pvt, VA

Matthew Rust, 2nd Lt, VA

William Rust, PS, VA

John Townsend, Pvt, NY

Simon Triplett, Pvt, VA

William Tubbs, PS, NC

William Williamson, Sol, NC







Capt.-     Captain       
Lt.-         Lieutenant  
PS-         Patriotic Service
CS-        Civil Service